Weekly Sound Meditation



Introducing weekly lunchtime Sound Meditation at Abbotsford Convent


Have you ever wondered what Sound Meditation is? This 4 week lunchtime sound meditation series is perfect for you to experience and find out for yourself. Just try one session or all 4.

Are you feeling stressed and anxious from your increased workload, the endless chores and errands you have to handle each day, or your children’s needs and demands that you have to attend to and all other family obligations that you have to fulfill?

What about you?!?

An hour away from the chaos to enter into a deep state of relaxation with sound meditation could give you the reboot that you need and deserve. So you can go back and juggle all those demands with better clarity of mind, calmness and centredness. You will feel more relaxed, refreshed and energized.

This could be just what you need in the middle of the week to reset.

All you need to do is come with an open mind and a willingness to surrender into your relaxation. And for your comfort – bring blankets, pillow/cushion and bottled water.

This is a short version of the monthly New Moon Sound Meditation without the rituals. For more information on the benefits of Sound Meditation see Workshop & Events – Sound Meditation.

Join us for all 4 weeks at a lower rate or drop in as casual.

A new timetable will be announced after this 4 weeks trial.


Venue: One Heart Yoga & Meditation Studio

Room C1-31, Level 1, Wellbeing Building, Abbotsford Convent – 1 St. Hilier St, Abbotsford

See Abbotsford venue information

Time: Thursday 1.00 – 2.00pm

Dates: 7 June – 28 June (4 weeks)

Fee: $80 for 4 weeks, $25 casuals

By EFT in advance or cash on the day

Contact us to book your spot.