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Peter Hess Sound Massage

Abby facilitates individual Sound Healing predominantly using the Peter Hess Sound Massage method.

Sound Massage is performed one-on-one by placing quality therapeutic Peter Hess Tibetan singing bowls on your body or in your bio-electromagnetic field and striking them gently with a soft mallet. The gentle overtone sounds and vibration slows down the brainwave frequency to an alpha, theta or delta state and quickly brings you into a deep relaxation. Gently penetrating deep into every cell of the body (hence massage) and allow they to return to a homeostasis healthy state.

This Sound Massage method is developed by Peter Hess, a former engineer from Germany. Since 1984 Peter has been researching Sound Therapy and developing the Sound Massage method. As the quality of Tibetan singing bowls on the market can vary, Peter, through his research and experiments, has standardize the production of high quality therapeutic bowls using the traditional methods.

“The sound of the singing bowls touches our innermost soul and brings it to vibration. The Sound breaks tension, mobilizes your self healing forces and sets free creative energies.” – Peter Hess

Abby is one of the very few certified Peter Hess Sound Massage Therapist in Melbourne and a member of the International Sound Massage Therapy Association.

With years of studies and experience in Sound Healing, Abby would combined other Sound Healing methods as appropriate, guided by her intuition and experience.

Here’re some of the benefits of a private Sound Healing/Sound Massage session:

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