Abby Lee of Qigong Melbourne

Abby is a 6th generation disciple of Ziranmen under the 5th generation Lineage holder Master Liu Deming and a Master Instructor of Ziran Qigong certified by Master Liu Deming. She enjoys sharing the philosophy, wisdom, knowledge and skills of this ancient art form through teaching Qigong classes. Her experiences and skills in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychosomatic Therapy, Counselling/Coaching and Vibrational/Energy Healing add more depth to her  practise and teaching.

Besides training under the direct guidance of Master Liu Deming since 2005, Abby has also trained with various Qigong and martial arts masters in Australia (Shifu Le Le Wang-Burns, Master Louis Liu, Professor Yong Qiang Wang, Master Bill Law), China (Master Han Yan Wu of Beijing, Master Yuan Xiu Gang of Wudang, Shoalin Master Jiao Hong Min, Shaolin Master Qi Guang Chen), Thailand (Master Mantak Chia), Senior Instructors of Shang Rinpoche of Taiwan and Shifu Jeff Reid of USA.

Abby runs regular group Qigong classes around Melbourne. She is available for private Qigong sessions  and work place training by appointment. These sessions are tailored to your individual/group needs. Abby also runs weekend Qigong workshops and Sound Meditation sessions.

Abby is also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Counsellor, Peter Hess Sound Massage Therapist, Sound Meditation Facilitator, Psychosomatic Therapist, and NLP Master Practitioner. For more information about some of these modalities go to

Ziranmen Master Liu Deming and Disciple Abby Lee at Ziranmen Baishi Ceremony in Xiamen, China. August 2016