Inner Peace & Good Health through Qigong - Meditation - Healing Sounds

What students say about Qigong classes and workshops:


Anahata Giri

Qi Gong is a beautiful and profound practice, with its emphasis on moving energy with mindful and flowing movement. Abby has a very friendly, encouraging and warm approach making these beautiful sequences easy to learn and accessible for everyone.

I love the simplicity of the practices that connect me with an inner strength and calmness. I have enjoyed the influence of Qi Gong in my yoga practice and yoga teaching.

I would highly recommend Abby’s classes for anyone who wants a gentle yet profound practice for well-being.

Anahata Giri – Yoga Teacher

Catherine T.

I started to attend Abby’s Qigong classes in February 2016. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I am passionate about movement and breath exploration for healing, developing self-awareness and connecting body mind and spirit.

I came to Qigong as a complete novice and with little understanding of Chinese disciplines and philosophy. I was attracted to Qigong initially because of the gracefulness of the movements, the full movement breath integration and the peace that emanated from masters and teachers. I discovered an entire new world far deeper and far more transformative than I was expecting. Allowing qi (chi) to move you, connecting with qi, feeling qi… a fascinating lifelong enquiry!

Abby is a great teacher, very knowledgeable, passionate, encouraging and approachable. Her classes are interesting and well structured, so that the students build up their practice and their knowledge at their own pace. I would recommend to anyone interested in Qigong to give it a fair go, to explore this world for at least a couple of terms before forming an opinion. It is a subtle practice, a practice of being and feeling rather than doing and thinking, and one should not look for sensations or ‘recipes’ to fix issues. Qigong is slowly infiltrating various aspects of my life, and I am very grateful for Abby’s teaching.

Catherine T. – Yoga Teacher and Project manager

John Vardis

Qigong with Abby is something to be experienced.
The way the instructions are transferred to the class are such that you are gradually lead into the practice of qigong with ease and confidence.
As a practitioner of tai chi and qigong of many years, I would recommend this classes to anyone, no matter what level of experience.
The benefits are numerous and varying and there is something for everyone. Thank you Abby.
 John Vardis – Tai Chi Instructor

Luan On

I came to qigong as a skeptic, but am now a firm believer.  It looks simple – but that is its strength.  Some movements combined with mindful breathing will focus and quieten the chatterbox mind.  Other movements will invigorate your body’s ailments, unleashing stagnant energy and in turn renewing your zest for living.

After attending a few Qigong classes with Abby, I have noticed it is a powerful resilience tool in overcoming a lot of day to day anxieties.  Both internal and external struggles seem to lose their intensity – such is the centering effect Qigong has on the mind and body.  It will bring a steadiness and even flow that can, over time, withstand negativity and doubt.

I am excited by the possibilities that Qigong has opened up for me – from someone who has suffered major bouts of anxiety and depression all my life, that is no mean feat. I find that practicing qigong in a class works best for me: tapping into the energy of others enhances its efficacy.

Luan On – Administration Officer

Anne Russell

Abby brings to her classes a deep connection to and understanding of the practice of Qigong. She encourages each student to work to their ability, individually guiding and encouraging within the class environment. She changes the pattern each week to deepen her students connection to chi. Abby also passes on her knowledge and understanding of chi, meridians and Qigong in a gentle and encouraging manner. Abby is a nurturing, caring and encouraging teacher.

Anne Russell – Teacher, Therapist

Gagan Watika

I have so much gratitude for lovely Abby Lee for teaching me the art of qi gong with so much love and interest. Not only is she a delight to speak with but all my qi gong sessions had been extraordinary. Everything I need seem to come to be at perfect time in my healing journey and learning qi gong from Abby was one of it. I allowed the connection and in each session I had powerful insight that how body can be a beautiful instrument to get in touch with our spirits, to enhance well being, concentration and achieve silence of mind. I also purchased a qi gong DVD from Abby which helps me to continue my qi gong practice in my busy life. Qi going is essential for everyone who feels they need to bring balance to their life and lift up their energetic vibration. Thanks to Abby Lee for sharing her indepth knowledge of qi gong and enriching my understanding of the connection between body and spirit.

Gagan Watika, Seeker

 Nicole J1

Nicole J

I really enjoyed the qigong classes. The environment set up in the class was open and non judging, yet energised and focused, and this really accommodated my way of learning. I was also motivated to practice at home, and this has definitely helped my sense of general wellbeing.
I enjoyed the pace and composition of the classes. The emphasis on the meditation toward the beginning of the sessions helped me to ‘sink’ into my body, so that by the time we were practicing the form I felt centred and much more integrated in my body-mind – This allowed the form to flow with more ease.
The individual feedback and ‘checking’ was helpful and I was able to apply some of the feedback about my posture to other areas in my life. Its always good to have reminders!
I also appreciated the layering of information that unfolded over the duration of the term, and this has stirred my curiosity to continue to explore qigong, and other ‘ways of thinking’ about the body.
Nicole J. , Osteopath/Dancer

Gordan Mandich

Gordan Mandich

I like Abby’s pace. She is measured and patient. Abby’s routine has flow and balanced coordination of movement and breathing. She is very committed and creates a friendly atmosphere. She is able to demonstrate and transfer knowledge in a simple and clear manner. I would recommend her classes to anyone interested in Qigong as a meditative healing practice.

Gordan Mandich – Mosaic Artist

I’ve really enjoyed the Qigong classes Abby and feel as though this term I’ve somehow settled into it more and I feel I now have a deeper understanding of what it’s about.

The effects are subtle and yet at the same time, profound, I feel; I go away each time with a sense of inner calm and spaciousness…an almost tangible feeling of lightness and airiness.Focussing on the breath has added to this sense of wellbeing and I love it that it’s possible to do it fairly easily at home though I think being part of a class gives an added dimension.

– Marian Scarletts

After retiring as a professional dancer due to injuries, I was looking for something to keep me mobile and that was also low impact.

Since commencing private Qigong training with Abby Lee I have developed a much deeper understanding of the body-Qi connection.

Abby brings a wealth of knowledge from her experience in other healing modalities combined with the ancient  practice of Qigong to each lesson and presents it in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.

As a result I feel much calmer than ever before and feel that I have a much deeper understanding of the mind body spirit connection.

I would recommend Abby to anyone young or old.

Jeremy Garner  – Professional Dancer and teacher 
I really enjoy attending your Qigong classes and you are so relaxed and easy, it makes it a joy for me. The benefit of Qigong to me daily is having a routine which I can switch off the outside and switch on the inside. It gives me a way to connect to myself and helps my awareness. Also there is a clear physical benefit i feel healthier and more confident in myself.
Kenny Forbes – Service Manager

I like Qi Gong because it helps me reconnect with my inner energy – my centre. I feel empowered because I can tap into that energy whenever I want and move it as I need to throughout my being. Qi Gong supports strengthening of an inner relationship – physical and spiritual – developing awareness and blending – getting to know my inner being in a way I have never known before – or remember anyway. The energy (chi) is like a warmth/light that I can move throughout my physical body – shedding light and healing onto parts that I feel need it.

Bridget B. – Counsellor

Thanks Abby for brining Qigong to the Yarraville. I have only been a few times but have really felt a connection to the classes and the flow of energy shifting , I really love the pace that you work at and for me a beginner I feel supported in learning each class as you explain the movements. I can feel qigong will become part of my daily life and thank you for providing the classes so close to home. I love that I don’t have to travel so far , as after a class I feel so energised and grounded that going home and chilling out and relaxing is so easy especially after such a busy day at work. Thanks again for providing a place that I can really feel present and in the moment. Tuesday nights sleeping has never been so easy. In gratitude Jody
Jody Thornton – Teacher

About Qi-Sound Workshops

Thank you for a truly amazing Qigong and Sound Healing experience for our group. The Qigong helped to ease all those tight spots within our bodies and the sound healing soothed our souls. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We loved every moment.

– Julianne D.

The combination class of Qigong & meditation is very good.  Exercise, followed by deep relaxation is a great combination. Abby Lee is a fabulous instructor, I found it easy to follow her instructions and her Sound Meditation is amazing!

Kerri Schwarze

COO/Executive Producer, Complete Post