Inner Peace & Good Health through Qigong - Meditation - Healing Sounds

Qigong Standing Meditation – Zhan Zhuang:


A balanced and relaxed posture for Qigong:

Qigong standing meditation


Qi flow and points to observed in Standing Meditation:


Zhan Zhung 2


Spinal adjustment in Qigong standing meditation:

As the coccyx tuck in, chin tuck in, the spine is lengthen.


Zhan Zhuang spine



Ziran Qi warm up – short version

Short reminder notes for students who have learnt the sequence in our classes. Remember to move with your breath.

  1. Rotate ankle and twist
  2. Rotate knees
  3. Circling at the waist, palms on kidneys at the back, one direction then change
  4. Neck stretching:
    1. Chin down
    2. Chin up
    3. Left ear to left shoulder
    4. Right ear to right shoulder
    5. Rotate one direction, (head drawing circle)
    6. Rotate to the other direction (head drawing circle)
    7. Repeat a. – f.
  5. Shoulders rotation – shoulders drawing circle:
    1. Rotate forward x 6
    2. Rotate backward x 6
  6. Stretching whole body:
    1. Hold palms facing up at lower Dantian, stretch palms high up above head
    2. Rotate at waist to the left
    3. Rotate at waist to the right
    4. Stretch out and down to the left
    5. Stretch out and down to the right
  7. Stretching down and forward:
    1. Stretch forward from the hips, relax upper body
    2. Stretch towards the left foot
    3. Stretch towards the right foot
    4. Centre roll up
    5. Feet together, hold palms together facing self then turn palms forward and out while bending knees and exhaling
    6. Release hands hold ankles and straighten leg, fold upper body down at hips
    7. Bend knees, rolling up the spine
  8. Part feet to shoulder width,
    1. Side to side swing
    2. Side to side swing with one hand hitting the shoulder
  9. Legs and groins stretching:
    1. Left foot forward bend left knee, right leg stretch back and press foot down
    2. Change to other side
    3. Bend left knee, right leg stretch to the side, lean towards bending knee without putting pressure on knee, look the opposite direction
    4. Change to the other side
  10. Standing – feet hip shoulder width, hold wrists rotate to the left, rotate to the right
  11. Bend left elbow behind head, gently pull to opposite side. Repeat with right elbow
  12. Left arm across the chest, left shoulder relax down, pull arm towards chest with the other arm. Repeat with right arm.

Enjoy your Qi warm up! Any questions please bring them to the next class.