Inner Peace & Good Health through Qigong - Meditation - Healing Sounds

What participants says about Abby’s 

Sound Massage:

I had experienced a group sound healing at a health retreat. I was keen to experience a one on one and excited when I found Abby on an internet search. I was impressed with her background and training and did not hesitate to make a booking.

Abby provides a heart-felt welcome and I immediately felt comfortable putting myself in her hands for this unique experience.

Abby is very present and skilled with the bowls and other instruments and I was surprised at how quickly I drifted off to a place of deep relaxation.

My job requires a great deal of mental energy and I have found that sound healing is a wonderful antidote.

Eager for more I have since returned and continue to be amazed at the profound effects of sound on the body – a tranquil mind and and rejuvenated cells!  Sound healing will remain a part of my ‘tool kit’ for maintaining balance in life. My cells sing after every sound session with Abby.

Catherine B – lawyer

I can personally testify to the fact that Abby’s personal sound massage has apparently magical and mystical healing effects! Being unaware of the science behind sound therapy, I approached it with a spirit of openness and gentle enquiry, seeking respite as I was at the time from an acute anxiety condition.

It is no exaggeration to report that this experience was the final piece of my jigsaw of recovery, which included mindfulness-based somatic therapy, personal yoga and meditation practice and traditional talk therapy (no drugs). My first sound massage released me from the grip of a nervous system stuck on high alert. Subsequent massage has helped me return to a centred, grounded, relaxed state other practices could not quite achieve. The sound seems to communicate directly with my subtle body. I highly recommend a session with this master holder of a healing space.

Nicki Paull – Actor, artist, writer, spiritual seeker

The placing & playing of various-sized singing bowls strategically placed on the body has the steady effect of drawing your conscious-awareness out of the head & distributing into the body like a re-connecting. The gentle vibration of each singing bowl has the affect of drawing-down into a relaxed state, where tensions dissolve towards sub-consciousness (micro-sleeping…)

The audible rhythm adds another layer of sensory focus to the gently, swirling vibration.

In my case, the back work had a complete-ness to it; as though I had journeyed into a deeply restful, safe space where even an energetic tightness felt lifted.

For me, I can say that the experience was a delight & that Abby Lee is welcoming & calming in her manner. Come prepared to relax into yourself!

Noel Loft 

My experience with sound massage with Abby Lee was phenomenal. It was a direct sound meditation experience. It feels like your body is “water” and the sound frequencies ripple throughout your entire being. The sound massage made feel so relaxed that I was diving in and out of sleep. All I can say was that it was an ecstatic way to wake up… a profound sound meditation lullaby for the mind, body and soul. Thank you Abby for this unique healing experience

Nina Shayan – Akashic Record reader, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach

Thanks for putting all the good vibrations in my body!

Sound massage with Abby was more than I had expected. A few minutes into the session and I disappeared from consciousness. I returned feeling rejuvenated and at east. The shoulder tension and back pain I had before the session disappeared. I do not usually get massages as they do not engage my system deep enough. But I feel returning for more sound massages with Abby is a must! Thank you Abby!

Bei – bodyworker

Sound Meditation:

My sister and I had a beautiful experience at the New Moon Sound Healing Meditation facilitated by Abby. It is not something we had done before however can absolutely say it is something we will do again and have already shared it with many of our friends who are excited to experience it too.

It was one of the most calming experience I’ve ever had, it removed layers of pent up tension and stress and replaced this with the most beautiful sense of calm and wellbeing. I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking to remove negative energy, create space for more positivity as well as a way to nurture body, mind and soul. Thanks Abby, we will definitely see you again soon.

Penny W – C.E.O

Whether it is simple relaxation or a deeper spiritual experience you seek, the group sound meditations guided by Abby are almost certain to provide nourishment. At the very least, they are training sessions in mindfulness of body, breath and feeling. Each meditation and group carry with them a different energy, making no two sound meditations the same. I have absolute trust in Abby’s guidance and her sound meditations have become a crucial part of my self-care regime.

Nicki Paull – Actor, artist, writer, spiritual seeker

The first time I attended a New Moon Sound Meditation held by Abby Lee I was transported to my happy peaceful place and have been hooked ever since. Abby has a musical ear and a magical touch and truly makes what she plays sing! The sound harmonies and frequencies made me deeply relax which enabled me to reach a deep level of meditation. Abby holds the space beautifully and you feel completely safe to let go and soak up all the healing vibrations. I would wholeheartedly recommend experiencing Abby’s sound meditation…you’ll be in for a treat!

Nina Shayan – Akashic Record reader, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach

Abby’s sound meditation was like no other I have attended. The many different sounds cascaded over me leaving me feeling clear and refreshed. Abby guided us on a journey that was so unique and when she added her amazing voice to the healing, it was just beautiful and so powerful. Abby invited us to spend a few minutes writing down our intentions before she began and this seemingly small task was very enlightening. What I thought I wanted from the evening was viewed in a very different light once I had completed Abby’s sound meditation. The wonderful insights and effect lasted with me for days. The beautiful space at the Convent was well worth the travel. Thank you, Abby, looking forward to the next one.

Jody Thornton – Teacher

This was my first experience with sound meditation.I didn’t know what to expect so approached it with an open mind and willing to experience whatever came my way.

Each sound resonated within a different part of my body. It’s hard to explain, it was like a burst of water out of a shower head aimed at different parts of the body and vibrating into each chakra and the three dantians (for tai-chi practitioners). Low sounds were felt at the lower part of the body travelling up the body as the sounds were becoming higher.

The sounds kept my mind focused and was aware of every feeling going through my body. I finished feeling peaceful, a feeling that stayed with me for a few days after. Thank you Abby, great experience.

John Vardis – Tai Chi Instructor

I enjoyed the experience of the various sounds and the different effects they had on my body. The diversity was interesting and amazing. The session was positive and healing. I felt taken care of and in a safe place. I continue to feel much more energised and positive. Thank you very much Abby. I look forward to the next opportunity.” – Catherine T. – Yoga Teacher and Project manager

Thank you for the wonderful sound meditation last night. I felt more grounded and aligned afterwards. The sounds resonated quite profoundly throughout the meditation.

Carole Moschetti 

I enjoyed the experience of the various sounds and the different effects they had on my body. The diversity was interesting and amazing. The session was positive and healing. I felt taken care of and in a safe place. I continue to feel much more energised and positive. Thank you very much Abby. I look forward to the next opportunity.

Catherine T. – Yoga Teacher and Project manager

I want to say a personal thank-you again for your involvement in the conference. I think the sound meditation created a very calming vibe in the whole Wellness Program space.

Catherine Keating – Psychologist, Lighthouse Foundation – Journey to Recovery 2013 Conference co-ordinator

I felt amazing after the session… and had some quite amazing experiences during.  Every cell in my body had its vibration raised. Absolutely beautiful! I hope to attend another one

Emma Loftus

Abby, thank you so much for giving us that wonderful experience (of sound meditation) last night. I loved the sounds and vibrations that flowed from them and the very special atmosphere this created. I hope you’ll do a repeat session again some time, though I’m mindful that there was a lot of preparation for you in setting all the instruments and candles up to create that marvellous ambience.

Marian Scarletts

I am grateful for your workshop, your thoughtful preparation of the varied elements of the sound meditation, and for the openness of the other participants who came to enjoy the session. The part I liked the most was listening and relaxing, letting the sound vibrations resonate in my body.

Anna Booth

A relaxing and cleansing experience, the powerful sounds from all the beautiful instruments will leave you energetically balanced and in a heightened state of awareness. Don’t settle for recorded sound healings, the calming vibrational atmosphere of Abby’s meditations is like no other! I also cannot recommend her qigong classes enough.

Tom King – Music Artist